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Rover Hardcover Book


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Andrew Grant’s Rover, a huge, 12×12, 468 page, 10 pound, museum quality, hardcover book is an unbelievable tribute to man s best friend in his many colors, shapes and sizes. With over 400 up-close images in stunning detail, Grant truly captures the unique exteriors of dozens of dogs as well as their diverse personalities and emotions.

Nearly all of the dogs featured in Rover once lived in a rescue or shelter. Rover beautifully illustrates that smart, healthy, fun, loving dogs are available for adoption in rescues everywhere.

Grant hopes that the beautiful, loving and grateful faces inside Rover will inspire people to welcome a shelter pet into their home. Rover is an amazing conversation piece and the perfect gift for pet lovers of all ages.

PICK UP ONLY at the DOGS WITHOUT BORDERS office or adoptions fairs. Let us know where you want to pick it up!

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